Welcome to Grappenhall
  Grappenhall Independent Methodist Church

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Welcome to Grappenhall

Welcome to Grappenhall Independent Methodist Church

'The friendly Church on Knutsford Road'

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Church Open for Prayer

Following the Government’s announcement that places of worship can open for prayer, it has been decided that we will take advantage of this relaxation in the lockdown rules and make our church building available for personal prayer and reflection on each Sunday from the 21st June between 10.30 and 11.30. Stewards will ensure that social distancing is maintained by all those entering church through the front door. You will be requested to clean your hands with hand sanitizer. You will then be directed to a seat and only household members will be allowed to sit together. You can stay for as little or as long as you wish, and we suggest staggering arrival times to avoid possible congestion at 10.30. How about arriving at 10.40, 10.50 or 11.00?

When you wish to leave, you will be asked to exit via the Barton Avenue side door; a one-way system will be in operation. Once a seat has been occupied it will not be reused until it is thoroughly cleaned or a period of 72 hours elapse by which time in the unlikely event of any virus being present it will have decayed. If you wish to leave your offertory you can do so on one of two plates as you enter church. On the way-out further hand sanitizer will be available for your use.

Bearing in mind how this virus affects older people, we do not want to make any member of our congregation feel obliged to come to church for personal prayer and so put their own health at risk. As one member recently stated, ‘I can just as easily pray at home’.  On the other hand, there will be some who will feel the need to be in God’s house for prayer and reflection. 

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We cannot change History, we can only learn from it

The tragic death of George Floyd in Minneapolis has triggered many responses not only in the USA but from around the world. Protests about the way he was brutally treated by the police involved have rapidly snowballed to absorb a number of other long standing grievances from racial groups who have been disadvantaged and discriminated against since before the beginning of our modern world.

Within our country, this wave of protest has had two main targets, the continuing racial prejudice that is still visible in some of our communities and the campaign to remove the statues of every prominent individual who had connections with the slave trade. 

As much as I personally detest slavery in all its forms, I see absolutely nothing to be gained from removing such statues. These people lived in a world which was totally different from our world and I firmly believe that we cannot judge that world by our present perceived standards. We cannot change history; we can only learn from it. Statues such as the one dumped into the dock at Bristol act as a reminder to the wrongs of the past.  

Slavery is something that has existed throughout human history and its victims have come from all racial groups not just from black and ethnic minorities. In the dark ages white Anglo Saxons were enslaved by raiding Danes, Christians throughout the Balkans were enslaved by the Ottoman Turks following the collapse of the Christian Byzantine Empire. Today we have modern slavery as Asians and Eastern Europeans are trafficked into our western world for financial gain. We also have economic slavery in many parts of the world, paying pitiful wages to those who produce cheap goods for our ravenous consumer society. Are these activities any better than those who traded in slaves between the 17th and 19th centuries?

We are just as guilty as those who went before us because we also economically benefit from those who in many ways are the slaves of today. Jesus said, "Let him who is without sin cast the first stone”. Perhaps before we judge those from the past we should look to the injustices of our present world. (RB)    




Notice for members and friends

Reluctantly, we have had to stop all Church Services and Meetings for the foreseeable future. This is in line with current Government advice which aims to protect those who are vulnerable.

Whilst we cannot gather in the church building, the leadership team are looking at different ways to maintain communication with and support for our members and friends.

A number of our members and friends are not able to access the internet.  Please let them know that we will ensure that they are included in our activities.

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