Welcome to Grappenhall
  Grappenhall Independent Methodist Church

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Welcome to Grappenhall

Welcome to Grappenhall Independent Methodist Church

'The friendly Church on Knutsford Road'

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You will notice on the Menu Bar across the top of this page the tab labelled 'Antidote'. By clicking on it you will reveal a list of links to Newsletters, Articles and even a 'Virtual Choir Sunday' that have been produced and circulated during the present time of church closure. If you would like to be placed on the church's email list then send an email to us. The email address will be found on the 'Contact Us' tab.

The fruit of the Spirit is …….. patience (Galatians 5.22)

John Chrysostom, a fourth century Archbishop of Constantinople (Istanbul), described ‘patience’ as "the Queen of virtues, the foundation of right action, peace in war, calm in tempest, security in plots.” As Christians, there has never been a better time to exercise this gift of the Spirit, the gift of ‘patience’. As I write, we are entering the sixth week of the ‘lockdown’. The novelty is wearing off and life is becoming a little tedious. We are missing contact with family and friends; even though technology helps us to stay in touch.

As the weeks and days of the ‘lockdown’ grow, the voices of those who want a relaxation of the ‘lockdown’ get louder by the day, particularly the media and those concerned with the effects upon the economy. As much as we wish to return life to normal, now is the time for ‘patience’. The number of hospital admissions and deaths has hardly dropped; people who appeared healthy and active have been affected. We are months, maybe a year or more away from developing a vaccine and the scientific experts agree that there is still much to learn about this virus and its long-term effects. If the whole of humanity is to defeat and eradicate this extremely contagious and unpredictable virus, then now is the time for patience.

Patience is a difficult word to describe. When Miles Coverdale translated the Bible into English in 1535, he had to invent the word ‘longsuffering’ to describe it. What Coverdale was trying to express was the contrast between a normal person who is short-tempered and a Christian who should be long-tempered. As we read the Old Testament, we gain a picture of a God who is merciful and gracious, who time after time, is ‘slow to anger’ (Exodus 34.6, Nehemiah 9.17, Psalm 86.15). Patience is at the very heart of God’s nature and should be seen in every Christian’s life, even in today’s difficult times. Rob Brooks.




Notice for members and friends

Reluctantly, we have had to stop all Church Services and Meetings for the foreseeable future. This is in line with current Government advice which aims to protect those who are vulnerable.

Whilst we cannot gather in the church building, the leadership team are looking at different ways to maintain communication with and support for our members and friends.

A number of our members and friends are not able to access the internet.  Please let them know that we will ensure that they are included in our activities.

Click here for more details